Narrow-tipped shoes impair the health, shape, and function of the foot.

Commentary by a toe doctor

Keiro Yuasa

Physical Therapist, Doctor of Toes, Director of Toe Research Institute, President of the Japanese Society of Functional Foot and Toe Therapy, and developer of Halmek shoes. Former director, vice president, and medical director of General Hospital. His specialties are exercise physiology and anatomy. He is also a foot and shoe specialist and a leading expert in postural occlusion therapy. He has cured various orthopedic diseases (over 70,000 people) with toe therapy alone.

Thinning at the toes, i.e., shoes that taper from the base of the toes to the tips of the fingers, is one of the most detrimental characteristics of conventional footwearThe first is the "toe". It is difficult to find shoes or boots (even sandals) on the market today in which the tips of the fingers are wider than the base of the toes. Most shoes and boots, including sport models, push the toes into a wedge-shaped position, compromising foot health, shape and function... Thinner toes have long been accepted as the standard in footwear. This is because most consumers (and many manufacturers, and even doctors) do not recognize the importance of the toes in overall foot health in this design.


Problems caused by tapered toe sections

Possible problems with tapering of the toes include athlete's foot , ,Blisters, hallux valgusFish eyes and octopus,Bent toe (hammertoe and hammertoe), , floating finger, ,hallux valgusOnychomycosis, ingrown nails, tendon imbalances in the lower extremities, neuromas, plantar fasciosisThese include foot problems, runner's knee, osteitis speciosa, and shin splints. These foot problems occur only rarely in cultures that do not wear shoes, i.e., people who go without shoes. They are very common in cultures that wear conventional shoes, where tapering at the toes is the underlying cause of these conditions. Few health professionals educate their patients about the dangers of this common shoe design feature.

Consideration for Children

Thinning of the toe area causes loss of normal toe spread over time, leading to toe deformities. Also, because the toes are so important to propulsion, balance, and overall foot health and function, it is very important that children avoid shoes with problematic design features. If you examine the feet of children, especially babies, you may have noticed that the widest part of the foot is the toes. Normal foot shape, along with foot health and function, can be maintained throughout life by changing to shoes with wider tips during childhood growth and beyond. Children who wear shoes with tapered toes will have their toes pushed into unnaturally shaped shoes and will have lifelong foot problems unless steps are taken early in life to maintain foot health.

Spread your toes!

Most shoe wearers begin to lose toe function at a young age, mainly due to continuous long-term wear of tapered shoes. Next, gait abnormalities, toe deformities, and knee, hip, and back pain often appear. Therefore, it makes sense to use shoes that spread the toes and bring the toes as close to the ground as possibleThe right shoe selection is the most important factor to be considered when choosing the right shoes. Choosing the right shoes is a consideration when selecting shoes certified by Keiro Yuasa.One of the main design criteriaThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Keiro Yuasa
Doctor of Toe (Physical Therapist)
Leading expert in toe research. Physical therapist. Director of the Toe Research Institute. President of the Japanese Society of Functional Toe Therapy. Developer of Hironoba Gymnastics, YOSHIRO SOCKS, YOSHIRO INSOLE, and Halmek shoes. Conducted research at the University of Tokyo and International University of Health and Welfare. Former director, vice president, medical director, and head of the day-care rehabilitation center at General Hospital. Author of numerous books. He has appeared on "Gaia no Yoake (Dawn of Gaia)," "NHK Gatten," "NHK BS New Common Sense of Beauty and Youth," "NHK Sakidori," and many other TV programs, and has written many books, including "Grab Your Toes in Just 5 Minutes and Your Hips and Back Will Never Swing Again! (PHP Publishing Co., Ltd.) and many others.

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