Putting your toes to work

Training Course

HiroNoba Premium Partner
(HIRONOVA Premium Partner) 

HIRONOBA Premium Partner is an official certified partner system recognized by HIRONOBA-JAPAN. Both individuals and companies can register, completely free of charge. This system is especially suitable for those who wish to handle Internet-related merchandise as a service.

HIRONOBA-JAPAN is expanding wholesale sales to salons, training spots, gyms, sports facilities, etc. throughout Japan with the desire to deliver the high quality YOSHIRO series products to as many customers as possible without any compromise. We offer special prices exclusively for our wholesale partners. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

This is a certification course to become a "HIRONOVA® Method Instructor," a professional toe instructor, and to be able to give toe lessons as a career.(currently on hiatus).

Through a three-day experiential course, you will learn basic skills to support your own toes as well as those of others for a fee.

This is a great option for those who want to make toe-related work their main job, as well as for those who want to do it as a side job or for their own learning.

After completing this course, students are required to submit lesson reports and assignments for the certification examination, and those who meet certain standards will be certified as "HIRONOVA® Method Instructors.

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