Flat feet can be improved with foot exercises|What stretches and supporters help develop the arches of the feet?

Commentary by a toe doctor

Keiro Yuasa

Physical Therapist, Doctor of Toes, Director of Toe Research Institute, President of the Japanese Society of Functional Foot and Toe Therapy, and developer of Halmek shoes. Former director, vice president, and medical director of General Hospital. His specialties are exercise physiology and anatomy. He is also a foot and shoe specialist and a leading expert in postural occlusion therapy. He has cured various orthopedic diseases (over 70,000 people) with toe therapy alone.


questionI have flat feet and I'm trying to develop the arches of my feet.
What are some exercises that would help?

-Submitted by Mita, Tokyo, Japan

Our answer:

Flat feet are considered a condition in which the major arches of the feet do not form, and are caused by genetic factors andMuscle Strength IssuesThese include. Generally speaking, specific foot exercises and proper foot and toe positioning can help form or restore foot arches.YOSHIRO SOCKSand ... andgymnastics (esp. at Hironoba Gymnastics)and other effective tools and programs can be incorporated to improve foot health and support the arches. For more information, please refer to the following articles.

YOSHIRO SOCKSis the formation of the foot andposture correctionThe design is suitable for and helps to keep the toes in the correct position. Proper stimulation of the sole is expected to strengthen the foot muscles and support the arches. Also,gymnastics (esp. at Hironoba Gymnastics)is a training method that can lead to healthier foot arches by improving the flexibility and strength of the feet.

YOSHIRO SOCKS designed to keep toes in proper position

Exercises to restore the normal position of the thumb are effective in improving flat feet. Support the arch of the foot by spreading the thumb away from the second toe and holding it in alignment with the metatarsals. Orientation of the toes is also important, and proper toe position will help guide the foot to a normal arch.YOSHIRO SOCKSand ... andgymnastics (esp. at Hironoba Gymnastics)By incorporating theProper position of the feetand support the arch.

To build foot muscles, it is important to have open toes.

Healthy arches are important to overall foot health. Low, medium, and high arches are all structurally sound, and how the arches are supported is more important than their height. If the feet and toes are properly positioned, the arches of the feet will naturally form.YOSHIRO SOCKSand ... andgymnastics (esp. at Hironoba Gymnastics)can be incorporated to maintain healthy foot arches and strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the feet.

The proper way to do Hironoba Exercises

In other words, correct foot and toe position is the best way to form or restore the foot arch, andYOSHIRO SOCKSand ... andgymnastics (esp. at Hironoba Gymnastics)It is important to use accessories and programs such as Together, these methods can help build healthy foot arches and maintain overall foot health. The arch of the foot is an important part of the foot and with proper care and training, healthy feet can be maintained.

Keiro Yuasa
Doctor of Toe (Physical Therapist)
Leading expert in toe research. Physical therapist. Director of the Toe Research Institute. President of the Japanese Society of Functional Toe Therapy. Developer of Hironoba Gymnastics, YOSHIRO SOCKS, YOSHIRO INSOLE, and Halmek shoes. Conducted research at the University of Tokyo and International University of Health and Welfare. Former director, vice president, medical director, and head of the day-care rehabilitation center at General Hospital. Author of numerous books. He has appeared on "Gaia no Yoake (Dawn of Gaia)," "NHK Gatten," "NHK BS New Common Sense of Beauty and Youth," "NHK Sakidori," and many other TV programs, and has written many books, including "Grab Your Toes in Just 5 Minutes and Your Hips and Back Will Never Swing Again! (PHP Publishing Co., Ltd.) and many others.

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