Hironoba Gymnastics Lecture (Halmeku Event) Video Streaming



Lecture at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

The "Hironoba Gymnastics Lecture" held at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo in February 2023 will be broadcast online. More than 300 people attended the lecture, and the results of a questionnaire survey afterward showed that it was very popular for being interesting and easy to understand.

This was my first lecture in three years after Corona. It had been a long time since I gave a lecture, so there were many things I regretted in terms of what I could not convey well and time allocation, but the questionnaire from those who attended was very favorable. I hope to one day travel around the country again to give lectures and inspire people with dreams, hope, and courage.


Why is it better to have spread toes?

Easy-to-understand explanation of Hand-Standing Theory. Check your own body's distortion!

Demonstrate and explain how to stand on your head.

I will explain to the participants in the audience while standing on my head.

Toe deformity and dysfunction
Demonstration on the podium for those with limited mobility

Participants in the audience who have bad knees and backs will be invited to come up to the podium and change their bodies on the spot.

Demonstration of Hironoba Gymnastics

Demonstration of toe function restored on the spot with Hironoba exercises. We will see the changes in the body.

Demonstration of YOSHIRO SOCKS

Demonstration of how YOSHIRO SOCKS can improve toe deformities on the spot. We will see further changes in the body.

How to choose the right shoes

He will demonstrate that even if your body improves with HIRONOVA EXERCISE and YOSHIRO SOCKS, the type of shoes you wear and how you wear them can make your body worse. We will explain how to improve your body and how to choose the right shoes.

How to Wear Shoes Correctly

No matter how good your shoes are, if you wear them the wrong way, your feet will not function properly. We will demonstrate how to wear shoes correctly.

What is Halmek Shoes (YOSHIRO MODEL)?
Case Studies

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Keiro Yuasa
Doctor of Toe (Physical Therapist)
Leading expert in toe research. Physical therapist. Director of the Toe Research Institute. President of the Japanese Society of Functional Toe Therapy. Developer of Hironoba Gymnastics, YOSHIRO SOCKS, YOSHIRO INSOLE, and Halmek shoes. Conducted research at the University of Tokyo and International University of Health and Welfare. Former director, vice president, medical director, and head of the day-care rehabilitation center at General Hospital. Author of numerous books. He has appeared on "Gaia no Yoake (Dawn of Gaia)," "NHK Gatten," "NHK BS New Common Sense of Beauty and Youth," "NHK Sakidori," and many other TV programs, and has written many books, including "Grab Your Toes in Just 5 Minutes and Your Hips and Back Will Never Swing Again! (PHP Publishing Co., Ltd.) and many others.

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