NHK Gatten, which became a big hit and was distributed in 160 countries around the world.

HiroNoba - The Life-Changing Magic of Your Toes

The popular Hironoba lectures have continued to bring about numerous miracles. This lecture introduces the unique "Hironoba ®︎ method," which transforms the participants' bodies and their lives. 


The event was a big hit at the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo.

HiroNoba - The Life-Changing Magic of Your Toes

HiroNoba lecture sponsored by Halmek. This is the latest version of the very popular lecture that has continued to cause numerous miracles. See how the unique "HiroNoba ®︎ method" transforms the participants' bodies and their lives as they take the stage.
*This program is for HARMEC365 members only.

Japan's No.1 Toenail Web Magazine

Once you wear it, you never get it back."Media "Toe School" to learn about health from the right toes.

No more suffering from physical ailments!" Until now we have not had the opportunity to learn the right way of thinking and doing health. We will share with you the knowledge of toes that can help anyone to achieve their ideal life while attending to your body's ailments.

HIRONOVA® Method Business Seminar

Online seminar on "Triple Your Work Productivity" to solve businesspersons' physical problems.

Back pain", "Knee pain", "Standing up is hard" - we will condense the health tips about work problems that many of you can relate to into two hours. Why don't you stop and think about what a "truly ideal work style" looks like for you?


BOOKS            June 15, 2021

grasping the toes

Based on clinical experience related to more than 70,000 cases in which Keiro Yuasa has continued to perform numerous miracles, this book explains the causes of posture deterioration and how to improve it in an easy-to-understand manner, based on podiatric medicine. A bestseller that has gone into its 22nd printing.

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