Osteoarthritis of the knee was caused by shoes!

Commentary by a toe doctor

Keiro Yuasa

Physical Therapist, Doctor of Toes, Director of Toe Research Institute, President of the Japanese Society of Functional Foot and Toe Therapy, and developer of Halmek shoes. Former director, vice president, and medical director of General Hospital. His specialties are exercise physiology and anatomy. He is also a foot and shoe specialist and a leading expert in postural occlusion therapy. He has cured various orthopedic diseases (over 70,000 people) with toe therapy alone.

osteoarthritis of the kneeor osteoarthritis, is a common health problem in the United States, especially among the elderly.American Academy of Orthopaedic SurgeonsThis health problem is one of the leading causes of disability among the elderly, according to the According to the society,osteoarthritis of the kneeThe risk of disability associated with the disease is comparable to that from cardiovascular disease. this disease,Toe deformityThe knee collapses outward due to the loss of articular cartilage in the knee joint, which reduces the cushioning between the femur and tibia.


primary factor

According to conventional medical knowledge, weight, genetics, gender, age, past knee trauma, stress, contact sports, certain health conditions, nutritional deficiencies, and physical weakness areosteoarthritis of the kneeis believed to be the cause of the problem. However, over the past few years, there has been increasing discussion about the impact of conventional footwear on the occurrence of this health problem.Conventional footwear (Shoes with narrow toes, ,twospringShoes with, , high heeled shoes, , Shoes with too hard soles ) and long-term use ofosteoarthritis of the kneeA convincing argument has been presented for a link between the onset or exacerbation of

Rush Medical College Research

A study conducted in 2006 at Rush Medical College (conducted by Nazia Shakur and Joel A. Block) (Published in Arthritis and Rheumatism) investigated stress loads on the knees of subjects wearing various types of shoes and subjects not wearing shoes. The researchers explained that

Patients with medial knee osteoarthritis (OA) may experience less stress on the knee and hip joints when walking barefoot than when wearing regular shoes. Since knee OA is caused in part by abnormal loading, it is believed that excessive loading is associated with pain and disease progression. Therefore, these data suggest that modern shoes may exacerbate the biomechanics of lower extremity OA.

Shakur and Block conclude that

Shoes can increase the load on the joints of the lower extremities in potentially detrimental ways. As the factors responsible for the differences in loading between walking with shoes and barefoot become clearer, we may need to reevaluate the impact of modern footwear and walking habits on the prevalence and progression of OA in our society.


Shoes can be used on the knees and other lower extremities.osteoarthritisThis is the main factor causing However,Socks that respect the natural shape of the foot, ,Shoes that support foot healthare already present. Shoes, boots, and other footwear that allow wide, natural movement of the toes are better suited to prevent abnormal joint movement and deformity. Shoes,Natural structure of the footand that it should be used for protection and decoration without interfering with theKeiro Yuasa, foot health specialistalso points out. shoes are necessary to maintain good health and protect the feet.

Keiro Yuasa
Doctor of Toe (Physical Therapist)
Leading expert in toe research. Physical therapist. Director of the Toe Research Institute. President of the Japanese Society of Functional Toe Therapy. Developer of Hironoba Gymnastics, YOSHIRO SOCKS, YOSHIRO INSOLE, and Halmek shoes. Conducted research at the University of Tokyo and International University of Health and Welfare. Former director, vice president, medical director, and head of the day-care rehabilitation center at General Hospital. Author of numerous books. He has appeared on "Gaia no Yoake (Dawn of Gaia)," "NHK Gatten," "NHK BS New Common Sense of Beauty and Youth," "NHK Sakidori," and many other TV programs, and has written many books, including "Grab Your Toes in Just 5 Minutes and Your Hips and Back Will Never Swing Again! (PHP Publishing Co., Ltd.) and many others.

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