Introduction to Foot Anatomy

Commentary by a toe doctor

Keiro Yuasa

Physical Therapist, Doctor of Toes, Director of Toe Research Institute, President of the Japanese Society of Functional Foot and Toe Therapy, and developer of Halmek shoes. Former director, vice president, and medical director of General Hospital. His specialties are exercise physiology and anatomy. He is also a foot and shoe specialist and a leading expert in postural occlusion therapy. He has cured various orthopedic diseases (over 70,000 people) with toe therapy alone.

The photo below shows conventional footwearThis is the footprint of an adult with so-called healthy feet, not deformed by the Notice that the widest part of the foot is at the tip of the toes and the toes are very spread out. Most shoe wearers have at least some degree of toe deformity from years of wearing conventional shoes.

The medial longitudinal arch, the main arch of the foot, extends from the heel to the base of the toes. Some physicians and researchers count the toes as an extension of the arch of the foot (indeed, the toe bones themselves are arch-shaped). The arches of the feet are healthy whether they are short, medium, or high. In fact,It is not the height of the arch that is important, it is how the edge of the arch (toes) is supported that affects foot health!The following is a list of the most common problems with the

In most cases,No need to support the arch of the footProvided by Offered on this siteProducts.The foot is designed to respect the natural design of the foot and support the inherent strength and soundness of the foot's structure.


Barefoot population

Those who do not wear shoes (or wear minimal shoes) are,Most common foot problems that shoe wearers experience.Not experienced.The goal of YOSHIRO STUDIO (GLAD DESIGN inc.) is to help rehabilitate and restore the foot structure to its natural stateinformationandProductand, in turn, providehallux valgus, ,Bending finger (hammertoe)hammertoe), ,plantar fasciosisThis is to prevent common foot diseases such as

We want to help you achieve your inherent foot health. People who have never worn shoes or only minimal footwear exist in many parts of the world, including parts of Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The above image you see here shows proper toe position and orientation withNormalIt shows the human foot. Most of us in our shoe-wearing society have never seen feet like these, meaning we have lost the true picture of healthy, functional feet.

Effects of wearing conventional shoes for long periods of time

Now,Shoes that respect nature's superior foot design(Halmek shoes) exist. This footwear spreads the toes as nature intended and allows the foot to function like a barefoot in the shoe!The following is a list of the products that are available. It is a toe separator (toe opening) productYOSHIRO SOCKSis a tool that helps restore proper foot and toe health because it gently realigns the toes to their normal anatomical position.

Conventional footwear is,They are designed and made in a way that negatively affects the foot depending on the foot. As you can see in the photo above, long-term use of narrow-tipped footwear has changed the shape of the foot. This orientation of the toes, where the thumb sinks toward the index finger and there is little space between the fingers, is very common in our society and causes many problems with the feet and lower extremities.

What nature had in mind.

You were born with perfect feet and nature has enabled you to enjoy sound foot health throughout your life. By removing obstacles to foot health (such as traditional footwear) and restoring proper foot and toe structure, you can avoid common foot and lower leg injuries and maintain foot health throughout your life. Your feet are superbly designed for these activities, so you can walk, run, dance, and play with confidence. Provided, however, that your feet function as nature intended.

Keiro Yuasa
Doctor of Toe (Physical Therapist)
Leading expert in toe research. Physical therapist. Director of the Toe Research Institute. President of the Japanese Society of Functional Toe Therapy. Developer of Hironoba Gymnastics, YOSHIRO SOCKS, YOSHIRO INSOLE, and Halmek shoes. Conducted research at the University of Tokyo and International University of Health and Welfare. Former director, vice president, medical director, and head of the day-care rehabilitation center at General Hospital. Author of numerous books. He has appeared on "Gaia no Yoake (Dawn of Gaia)," "NHK Gatten," "NHK BS New Common Sense of Beauty and Youth," "NHK Sakidori," and many other TV programs, and has written many books, including "Grab Your Toes in Just 5 Minutes and Your Hips and Back Will Never Swing Again! (PHP Publishing Co., Ltd.) and many others.

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